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Claude Monet

Artist Biography

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Claude Monet

Oscar-Claude Monet was born in Paris, France on November 14, 1840. He was the second child born to Claude Adolphe and Louise-Justine Monet. Claude Monet spent his childhood in La Havre. He first became known for his caricatures and exhibited this art, prints and posters locally. During this time, he befriended fellow artist Eugene Boudin who became his mentor. Boudin influenced Monet to begin plein air or outdoor painting. He also encouraged Claude to try oil paint and pastels, instead of charcoal as a medium for his artwork.

Claude Monet completed his first painting in 1858 entitled View from Rouelles. In 1859 he moved to Paris to study painting. He attended the Academie Suisse, an informal place where artists met and models and material were available for use. This is where Monet met Camille Pissarro and began frequenting Brasserie des Martyrs, a favorite meeting place of artists and writers. In 1862, Monet enrolled for formal art instruction under Charles Gleyre. Frederic Bazille, Alfred Sisley, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir were also students of Gleyre. The group became friends and often painted together. Monet had limited success in the acceptance of his art, prints and posters. The annual Salon jury set the standard for French artists at the time, and many of Monet's paintings were rejected.

Impression, Sunrise was painted in 1872 and the group of emerging artists were named Impressionists after an article in a newspaper laughingly referenced the style of painting. 1874 was the year of the First Impressionists' Exhibition. The exhibition was held at a studio on the Boulevard des Capucines and also featured the art, prints and posters of other artists such as Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, Berthe Morisot, and Paul Cezanne. Monet lived in Giverny until his death on December 5, 1926.

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