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Carmen Galofre

Andy Westface

Carmen Galofre

Artist Biography

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Carmen Galofre

Carmen Galofre was born on November 13, 1959 in Rochester, Minnesota where her parents, both natives of Barcelona, were living during five years while her father, a surgeon, worked at the Mayo Clinic. In 1962, Carmen returned with her family to Barcelona, Spain where they would live until 1974. From the age of five, Carmen would spend her days drawing and painting art, prints and posters, always earning her best scholastic marks in Art, Sculpture and Sports. She has also worked in pottery since age 8. In 1972, Carmen and her family relocated to a small town on the coast of Barcelona province named Cabrera de Mar.

Carmen rented a space in a large old attic on Barcelona’s Diputacion Street in 1984, which she converted to a work studio and living space. She spent time in 1985 as a drawing instructor at an art academy located on Via Augusta Street. This same year, she was selected as one of the two students from each Spanish University to receive the Beca de Pintura de Paisaje de Segovia (Landscape painting of Segovia scholarship), and she attended the University of Barcelona. Upon completion of the program, an exhibition of her art, prints and posters was held to show the work produced by the scholarship winners. Carmen was awarded the Gold Medal and decided to travel with the money earned from her award. From 1988 - 1991 she taught at her own academy, situation on Giralt el Pellicer Street, near the cathedral and in the middle of the Gothic neighborhood in Barcelona.

Carmen has traveled throughout India, Turkey and Morocco. In October of 1993, she made her second trip to Morocco, this time beginning in Barcelona and travelling by car. Once in Morocco, Carmen spent one month painting art, prints and posters in the south of the country, a trip she would repeat again in 1999. In addition, Carmen directed a painting seminar in Menorca all during the summers of 1993 through 1996.

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