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Carl Valente

D. Rusty Rust

Carl Valente

Artist Biography

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Carl Valente

Carl Valente was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1928. He revealed a natural artistic ability at an early age. When he was seventeen, he won a national art contest and received a scholarship to the prestigious Cleveland Art Institute where he continued to study for several years. His artistic ability was of special interest to the Los Angeles Herald Examiner where he was invited to join the newspaper as a staff-artist, illustrator, and designer of the Sunday color magazines. He stayed with the Examiner for twenty-two years and worked on a number of color inserts including California Living and TV Weekly, where his art, prints and posters were admired by millions from the Southwest and the Pacific Coast. During this period, Valente became intensely involved in murals and painted commissioned murals for private individuals and corporations, many of which have been published in leading magazines throughout the USA.

In the late eighties, using oil as an exclusive medium, American impressionist Carl Valente recreated in traditional form timeless art, prints and posters of the peaceful American countryside along with English cottages and villages of the British countryside. Archways of climbing plants entwine around brilliantly colored shrubs that frame quaint thatched cottages. The artist’s landscapes are offerings from different seasons, from a palette of varying colors.

By popular request, in the nineties, Carl Valente began his magnificent “Homes of the Americana” series of art, prints and posters. This series includes Victorian farmhouses, manors of New England, villages on the lakes of the Midwest, log homes of the West, and colonials of the South.

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