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Scott Jacobs

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Scott Jacobs Biography:
Scott Jacobs' work is remarkable for its photo realistic excellence. Depending on the size, each of Scott's paintings usually takes more than one hundred hours to complete. Much of the work is done with a brush that is so small, it is like using a pencil point. He has found this to be the only way to render the necessary detail which allows the work to earn the title "Photo-Realistic". He uses both acrylic and oil mediums on canvas, masonite and other surfaces. Jacobs also uses many photographs of a subject, taken from all angles to achieve the depth in his art, prints and posters.  >>click here for more
Scott Jacobs #9 Dream

Scott Jacobs

#9 Dream

image: 24 x 24.75 in.
paper: 24 x 30 in.

Open Edition