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Bob Timberlake

Artist Biography

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Bob Timberlake

Bob Timberlake is far and away North Carolina’s most recognized and successful living artist. A painter of rural landscapes, he is a master of the American Realist genre. Timberlake’s art, prints and posters are a touchstone to a fading way of rural life in the fast-growing South, and a testament to the value of time spent in wood lots and on front porches, of rolling hills and log barns winking from the roadside.

But Bob Timberlake is not a painter only. He has designed a hugely successful line of home furnishings, hundreds of pieces, from tables and sofas to lamps and rugs, all inspired by his art, prints and posters and his collection of museum quality 18th century antiques and decorative art. In his furniture line are reproductions and adaptations of cabinets and tables made by Fred Craver, the Piedmont master cabinetmaker who tutored Bob Timberlake from childhood on the “language of wood.”

Yet, in spite of all his successes and accomplishments with art, prints, posters, and furnishings, Bob Timberlake still lives where he was born, among the rolling hills of North Carolina’s rural Piedmont, never forgetting the place where he grew up, for it is still the place he calls home.

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