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Arnold Iger

Greg Farrugia

Arnold Iger

Artist Biography

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Arnold Iger

Fusing architecture and fantasy, mixed media artist Arnold Iger creates highly textured, multi-layered art, prints and posters. Reminiscent of antiquity, his work transports us to another time and place. Iger utilizes architectural motifs not only to frame the subject of his work, but also to create a story left to the viewer’s imagination.

The body of art, prints and posters that he has developed over the past 12 years is based on theatre, design, fine arts and video. Raised and schooled in the arts in New York, Iger has had a well rounded and diverse art education. At the Academy of Art he studied design and advertising; at the San Francisco Art Institute he studied film and performance; and in Japan he learned about the traditional Japanese Arts.

Iger continues to learn about industrial design and animation continuing to grow as an artist and push the boundaries of art with his prints and posters. Among his collectors are AT&T, Kaiser Permanente, Bank of America and the Oracle Corporation.

Arnold Iger Art, Prints and Posters Collection