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Aline Gauthier

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Aline Gauthier

Artist Biography

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Aline Gauthier

While completing her degree in the social sciences, Aline Guthier discovered her interest for the graphic arts. She went on to study illustration and design, received her degree, and became employed as a graphic designer. Excited and inspired by the illustration element in her career, Gauthier decided to devote her full energy to this pursuit. Achieving a wide measure of success as an illustrator, her art has been chosen for prints, posters, editorial illustrations, corporate publications and product merchandising.

Gauthier is well known for her lighthearted drawings and designs, colorful art, prints and posters that give ordinary objects a personality and life of their own.

She currently resides in Montreal and is a member of the Association des Illustrateurs et Illustratrices du Quebec. Her original work is exhibited throughout the United States and Canada and her designs can be found on products around the world.

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